FionaFei — Artist, Photographer, Explorer

The Red Balloon

3D interactive art

The Red Balloon was originally created in October 2018 as a Halloween installation.  It is one of my earliest creations with the style of ink-brush painting.  The only elements in the installation not in the style of ink-brush are two giant brushes floating in the air as they paint the scene.  The landscape is primarily monocrhomatic with the exception a trail of red paint that leads to a floating red balloon and the scarf worn by a little girl on a moving raft.   The little girl on the raft is animated, and she goes around the watery space to help build the narrative of the red balloon.  

When I created the piece, I really wanted to experiment with positive and negative spaces.  The red is meant to be the focal point of the installation, and it is up to the viewer to decide its significance.

ForBuilding Artistic Dreams RoleCreator, Artist
DateOctober 07, 2018