Artist, Photographer, Explorer

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I am an artist, and I build and create art installations of my imagination through the platform of Second Life, a virtual world that allows users around the world to connect, create, learn, and share. I use this virtual platform to share my thoughts, ideas, knowledge, and artistic vision in fantastic ways that is not possible in the real world.

Much of my 3D art is non-photorealistic. I enjoy creating pieces with illusions of 2D art, and have the avatar or visitor be immersed in the space of my 3D 2D world. :-)

A glimpse into my real life:
Traditionally trained in fine art, I have a BFA from Cornell University with a concentration in electronic media. I later then obtained a MS in Visualization from Texas A&M University, where my core research was to create shaders using the 3D modeling software Maya.

I am addicted to chocolate, and I will be cranky without a chocolaty snack after 12 hours. I will stop what I'm doing to pet a stray cat or dog. I also love to play board games.

Second Life Name: FionaFei Resident